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 Break Ke Baad

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Kassy Maharani
Kassy Maharani

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PostSubject: Break Ke Baad   Tue Jul 19 2011, 23:52

Break Ke Baad
Stars: Imran Khan, Deepika Padukone
Directed by: Danish Aslam
Released: 2010

My. God. I had no idea going into this movie just how much I was going
to absolutely fall in love with it. Let's get right to the story:

we have Abhay Gulati (Khan) and Aaliyah Khan (Padukone), two young
adults who have been friends since they were very little and have been
dating for almost as long. Aaliyah is stubborn, selfish and dreams of
being an actress. Abhay or Gulati as he is affectionately called by his
'Al' is mature, dedicated and completely lost. He doesn't know what he
wants to do with his life, but he knows it's not in his father's
business. Things change however, when Al gets accepted to a college in
Australia and decides to go which involves leaving Abhay for a year.
Without considering his or her mother's feelings, she leaves. For the
first few months, Al and Gulati do their best to talk on the phone, but
after a while it becomes too stressful for Al to handle and she tells
Abhay she wants to go on a break.

Abhay gets worried about what
might be going on there, so he comes to see Al in Australia, where she
breaks up with him - really breaks up with him. He however is determined
to stay there and win her back, so he gets a room in the house she
shares with Nads and Cyrus - a hilarious brother and sister. At first Al
completely repels against "Mission Gulati", or Abhay's plan to get her
back, but it isn't long before they become friends again. Near the end
of her school year, Al gets offered a movie deal and excitedly takes it
until she finds out just how unhappy it makes her mother. She goes back
to Delhi, leaving Abhay behind heartbroken but with his new and booming

After some convincing from her mother, Al decides to
go back to Australia and take the movie deal. While there, she has a
heart to heart with Abhay and tells him that she hopes he'll get married
so that he can move on from her. He doesn't deserve to be unhappy
because of what she did to him. So Gulati goes back to India and very
soon after, Cyrus gets a call from Abhay who tells him that he is
getting married. After realizing that she still loves him Aaliyah gets
on a plane and goes to tell Abhay that she wants to marry him. After
arriving and giving Abhay a long speech abut why they should get
married, she finds out that she was the one he was going to marry the
entire time. During the credits, we see that they are living a happy
life, spending their honeymoon on the set of Al's movie and have a
daughter named Sarah.

This story completely blew me away. One of
the taglines for the movie is that it's a love story that's a little
different - and I couldn't agree more. I thought it was great. We see so
many Hindi love stories about the couple who fight the urge to love
each other, but we don't usually see a couple that is together, breaks
up and slowly gets back together. Put a great story together with comedy
and some very sweet scenes and you have a great film.

acting was superb as well. I found this to be Imran's best role yet
(which I believe is partially thanks to having Deepika as his costar).
He was very convincing when Abhay was supposed to be happy and when
Abhay was supposed to be sad. I was very impressed and his comedy was
great as well. He's making his way everyone and he's definitely the next
big Khan - look out! Deepika was amazing as well. I hated... hated
Aaliyah. Al was way too selfish (and coming from me, that's saying a
lot) but Deepika's performance as her was top notch and completely
different from her role in Om Shanti Om, the other movie I've seen her
in. With Imran as her hero, she had more room and time to shine, which
was in a way stolen from her when she was with Shahrukh.

music was... Let's just say, it's been a while since I've loved a song
as much as Adhoore. Because I know very little Hindi, most of the time
my liking for a song is because of the way it sounds, but with Adhoore, I
also love it for the lyrics. They're amazingly sweet and fit perfectly
with the movie (which they should). The other songs were great as well
and fit very nicely with the scenes. I'm downloading the entire
soundtrack as we speak.

I would also like to mention that I was
never once bored with this film. Again, coming from me that's saying a
lot. I didn't think it was possible, but I actually fell in love with
this film completely and has now become my new favorite movie over My
Name Is Khan (don't get me wrong guys, that movie will ALWAYS be top
notch to me and will always be deeply loved, but come on..). This movie
affected me in the way I think Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge affected a
lot of other people. It just hit me in so many ways and I loved the
chemistry that Deeps and Immy shared in the movie. I said a while back
that they looked like the new SRKajol and although there will never
truly be another one of those, Imrika looks very promising to me.

Shahrukh Aur Sunita Hamesha!

Rating: 10/10

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Kajol Lover
Kajol Lover

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PostSubject: Re: Break Ke Baad   Sun Jul 24 2011, 21:46

this movie could have been better

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Kassy Maharani
Kassy Maharani

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PostSubject: Re: Break Ke Baad   Sun Jul 24 2011, 22:08

It seems that the opinions are quite divided Smile Many people loved BKB and just as many thought it was crap!


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PostSubject: Re: Break Ke Baad   

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Break Ke Baad
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