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Kassy Maharani

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PostSubject: Guzaarish   Tue Aug 16 2011, 13:20

Stars: Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai
Directed By: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Released: 2010

Sanjay Leela Bhansali does it again! This time with his magical drama, Guzaarish.

Guzaarish tells the tale of a once great magician named Ethan (Roshan) who became paralyzed from the neck down in a terrible and mysterious accident during one of his most popular acts. He's lived in a large run-down mansion with his nurse Sofia (Rai) for twelve years - but now he's had enough. He summons his lawyer Devyani Dutta to help him with 'Ethanasia' a project in which he hoped would not only help him get the right to die, but would also help him make peace with his decision.

He travels along his journey with the ever-faithful Sofia, and the budding magician Omar who hopes to learn all of Ethan's secrets. It is a bumpy road full of set backs, second thoughts and revealing secrets that makes everyoen in this story question where they stand on this issue.

The reason I love Guzaarish so much is because of how it surprises you. It seems very straightforward, you think you know all the facts about the characters, stories and such but then SLB throws you for a spin and you discover that there's more to each and every character that you never would have suspected before. And what makes it even better is that each and every twist and turn helps weave the story and makes the characters more real to the viewer.

As for the acting - Hrithik was great as Ethan, but Aishwarya was undoubtedly the heart and soul of this entire film. She shone throughout the entire 109 minutes, in each and every scene she was in. She simply changed the entire atmosphere of the film to fit what hse was doing and what Sofia was feeling. For example, the movie was sad and gloomy... until Sofia danced to Udi (which, by the way is a favorite of mine) on stage. At that point, the entire movie lit up and was more alive than it had been previously.

Guzaarish means favor, so do me a guzaarish and watch this film! Just be warned - if you cry easily, you will quickly cry your weight in tears!

Rating: 9/10


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Kajol Fan
Kajol Fan

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PostSubject: Re: Guzaarish   Thu Aug 25 2011, 23:23

I agree on everything! it's beautiful film though i would rate it 8.5/10 because of the plot holes...

I love Sofia to death. Aishwarya coulnd't have played her better!

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